It’s what our clients say that matters the most


I just wanted to thank you for all the work, commitment and advice you have given me.

Your extremely helpful guidance has proven invaluable in all areas of accounting, taxation, employment contracts and the list goes on.

With the purchase of Ray White Toowong, your advice with the accounting, recruitment, staff and upgrading the office procedures has allowed me to focus on growth and this has become an extremely successful business in such a short period of time.

Since your involvement, I have stopped worrying about the accounting and been able to focus on the business and its expansion.

From both my family and myself, we thank you for all your fantastic efforts for my businesses to date and I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship.

Graeme Sharp, CEO
Ray White Toowong, Ray White Project Marketing (Queensland), Ray White Stones Corner & Elite Asset Management

Sanjiv – indeed it was our pleasure.
Your reputation precedes you…
We would love to do business with you
Talk soon

John McGrath, CEO McGrath Estate Agents

Having been in the industry for some twenty-eight years I have experienced the services of seven different Accountants and feel comfortable in nominating Sanjiv as the most competent person in that rote with whom I have worked.

Sanjiv is a quick thinking, knowledgeable person with a strong work ethic. He has been a great asset, not only as an Accountant but as an advisor, mentor and sounding board.

I regard Sanjiv as a person of integrity and substance and have no hesitancy giving him a reference for any role where these qualities are recognised.

Rick Bird, Director
Ray White Transact

When it was suggested by none other than company founder and CEO, John McGrath that we should have a discussion with Sanjiv Pabari, we quickly took his advice.

We first met with Sanjiv shortly thereafter in June 2013, barely a month or so before starting our business, and immediately saw great value in his services at Financial Controllers.

Being accomplished selling agents, it was an easy decision to put all of our day to day accounting, payroll administration and financial needs in the hands of an expert.

Almost 18 months down the track and we know it was a brilliant recommendation from John and one that has helped us build our McGrath Buderim business so quickly.

Chris Pace, Damien Michael, Principals
McGrath Estate Agents

Sanjiv and his team are an imperative part of my business. Over the past four years Sanjiv has helped me grow my team from one employee to an office of twelve employees. He has given me consistent and correct advice and has been apart of my team every step of the way.

I consider Sanjiv as a team key member in my business and I would never make a big decision without his input. Without Sanjiv and his team I would not have the business that I have today. I highly recommend Sanjiv and his team and look forward to our future business relationship.

Cameron Crouch, Principal, Ray White Sherwood

In all my dealing with Sanjiv, I found him to be reliable, professional, trustworthy and always courteous. He demonstrated strong ethics and made sound judgments during his tenure at Ernst & Young

Ric Roach, Partner, Ernst & Young


I have been using the services of Sanjiv Pabari & Financial Controllers for some  years & have nothing but praise for the professional service provided.

Nothing has been too difficult for you to fix or deal with & this has been a huge weight off my shoulders when existential crises have arisen.

As a selling Principal in the current market, I can’t afford to waste my time dealing with non-dollar productive activities such as tax, payroll, balance sheets & many other aspects of running a business that would hinder my own sales.

FC takes care of all this & more which has given me plenty of opportunity to concentrate on what I do best – making money

Andrea Manson
Principal, Belle Property Calamvale.


Sanjiv – simply a note to say thank you for what you do with all our businesses. I know you are passionate and driven about what you do, and that helps make it easy working with like-minded people.

I look forward to hopefully what is a bright business future and expansion of the Retail arm under the Ray White brand.

Kind regards

Andrew Schmidt, Director, Ray White (Retail)

Ray White Lifestyle has opened two offices and we could not have done so without the assistance of Financial Controllers and its founder Sanjiv Pabari.

We first spoke to Sanjiv in October 2009 when we had a strategy meeting with the intention to set goals and financial targets for our growth planning. Ever since this meeting we have utilized Financial Controllers for all our day to day accounting needs.

Outsourcing these crucial responsibilities was a huge step. However as selling Principals and managing an active rent roll, it is almost essential.

The more time we can spend on growing our sales team, rent roll and selling our own listings the more value we see in Financial Controllers.

Reporting, communication and feedback is excellent and we are never left wondering what is going on behind the scenes.

We urge you to talk with Sanjiv and team at Financial Controllers to ensure your growth and increase your productivity, as the benefit to our business as a result has been enormous .

Ben Wilson, Ray White Lifestyle

Hi Sanjiv

I just wanted to thank you for your visit last week and the assistance you gave to our team member.

We have had a look at matters again and both of us feel it is probably better for us to bring you back in and let you handle the whole accounting thing.

With hindsight, we should’ve just kept things as they were with you and avoided all the issues with Office State Revenue and Tax office.

We appreciate the way you’ve handled yourself. I like the Xero system you showed. Easy access and understandable.

As a request to our current circumstance and need to get the business back on track, if you can look into our fee request just for next 12 months, I’m sure we can aim to look ahead.

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And even late night text messages of thanks from those  in difficulty…

“Thanks a million for all you do. You’re without a doubt the best person anyone could hope to have involved in their business.  Bless you.”

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