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Founder & CEO

_AM2_4838Sanjiv Pabari, FCCA, CPA

When I first embarked on a major personal shift in career from my Senior Manager role at Ernst & Young to become part of Ray White Real Estate, the largest real estate franchise group in Australasia, what surprised me was how many Principals were spending time locked away in their office into the late hours pouring over the business finances, worrying over tax bills and struggling to understand where the cash was going.

Rather than flexing their leadership and real estate skills to rally team efforts and build market share and rent roll size, I experienced a growing number of Principals who had lost sight of the exciting entrepreneurial vision that had led them into agency ownership in the first place.

After years of specialist knowledge and valuable insights gained at Ray White Real Estate, Financial Controllers Real Estate was founded in 2009 with a vision to reach out to the wider real estate marketplace to offer a valuable service to Principals to assist them to develop more savvy entrepreneurship skills and reap the financial rewards more easily.

We have been asked to actively engage with over 98 agency Principals since we started and provide advice & direction on business set up, accounting, tax investigations, cash flow management, profitability, growth, rent roll acquisitions, finance restructuring, partnership matters, conflict management, remuneration, entity structuring & professional indemnity matters.

A large number of agency Principals have retained us to handle all their daily accounting needs. From the moment they list a property to when it’s time to lodge the end of year income tax returns, my team has taken the lead with every aspect of their accounting requirements, so that the Principal was able focus entirely on selling, recruitment & rent roll growth without any worry on how their finances or compliances were being managed.

As astute Financial Controllers, we make it our business to drive the valued adding areas such as maximising tax savings, managing cash flows, driving your daily commitment to achieving the targets we help you set.

More than where we emerged from, it’s the future that I am really excited about.

We stand poised as the most knowledgeable, enriched and personalised accounting business that is a true real estate specialist in the agency marketplace.

Unlike anyone you will have encountered, we’re not just a business with a specialist real estate department – our entire business is just one big real estate accounting department!

You will never be left what is happening to your business behind scenes as we pride ourselves on the personal time we devote to each business to actively share our experiences from working with some of the industry’s best.

Most of all, we’re with you from start to finish. Whether it’s a cash flow issue, stagnant growth, inability to recruit, uncollected marketing monies; we will work with you and see things through.


I just wanted to thank you for all the work, commitment and advice you have given me.
Your extremely helpful guidance with Ray White Project Marketing (Queensland) has proven invaluable in all areas of accounting, taxation, employment contracts and the list goes on.

With the purchase of Ray White Toowong, your advice with the accounting, recruitment, staff and upgrading the office procedures has allowed me to focus on Ray White Toowong and this has become an extremely successful business in such a short period of time.

Your ability to help with a professional but friendly manner has allowed me the time to focus on my business growth. Since your involvement, I have stopped worrying about the accounting and been able to focus on the business and its expansion.

From both my family and myself, we thank you for all your fantastic efforts for my businesses to date and I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship

Graeme Sharp
Principal, Ray White Toowong, Ray White Stones Corner, Ray White Project Marketing Queensland & Elite Asset Management.



I have been using the services of Sanjiv Pabari & Financial Controllers for 4 years & have nothing but praise for the professional service provided. 

As a selling Principal in the current market, I can’t afford to waste my time dealing with non-dollar productive activities such as tax, payroll, balance sheets & many other aspects of running a business that would hinder my own sales. 

Nothing has been too difficult for you to fix or deal with & this has been a huge weight off my shoulders when existential crises have arisen.

FC takes care of all this & more which has given me plenty of opportunity to concentrate on what I do best – making money

Andrea Manson
Principal, Belle Property Calamvale.



Experienced Team – Focused & Professional

Each member of the FCRE team was hired not just because we thought they were dedicated, but it’s particularly because they love real estate.

Our team carries a straightforward vision when we come to work each day – work sincerely, show integrity, have a genuine interest in clients’ needs and remain available to them as valuable extensions to the client.

At FCRE, you will never have to worry about costs for any extra time we need to spend to address problem situations and you will always have the comfort of being able to access us any time without any concern for bills.

Since agency is all we do, we’re able to step right in – there is no warming up as such. Our client servicing team comprises highly experienced qualified team leaders, compliance specialists, trust accounting staff, payroll and employment specialists, accounts payable team and an active support resources behind the scenes on your affairs.

We have a corporate alliance with a national HR firm to assist with complicated legal matters.

If you’re questioning the effectiveness of your current tax agent, feel free to access our tax specialist to have a confidential discussion on the options you have.

Feel free to contact our Client Services Executive, Belinda Watson to arrange a confidential, no cost and obligation free consultation on your real estate business.

It’s what our clients say that matters the most

“Sanjiv and his team are an imperative part of my business. Over the past four years Sanjiv has helped me grow my team from one employee to an office of twelve employees. He has given me consistent and correct advice and has been apart of my team every step of the way.
I consider Sanjiv as a team key member in my business and I would never make a big decision without his input. Without Sanjiv and his team I would not have the business that I have today. I highly recommend Sanjiv and his team and look forward to our future business relationship.”

Testimonial Cameron Crouch
Cameron Crouch
Principal, Ray White Sherwood